Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Day 66 - Now matter how you paint it...

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Hot on the heels of Day 65 where we uncovered the secrets of how to deliver IT programmes, we have another 15 hour day in the office. What to feast upon at 11.30 at night after a hard day at the work? Can't really eat much that late can you? Not an awful lot as it happens.
No matter how you paint it.....still a dog's dinner :)
Successful day otherwise!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Day 65 - This is how/where the magic happens...

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Delivery of large scale complex integration IT programmes costing hundreds of millions of pounds is actually quite a simple affair when broken down into simple elements. Here I share the secret toolkit that will help you succeed.
1) Coffee. Lots of it - morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night. Especially night. Who needs sleep nowadays?
2) Chocolate brownie, less than half eaten. This is just so people recognise that no, I haven't had breakfast yet due to 8am meetings, nor lunch due to back to back meetings, and likely won't have dinner until 10pm or after due to late evening meetings and getting home. So this is what I am surviving on (Awww..)
3) Water. Note level is at top of label after first gulp. See earlier post.
4) High level plan. Preferably in crayon and with really big boxes.
5) Plastic bag. For going incognito when you don't want to be recognised :)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Day 64 - Cardiff

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This is the Pierhead Building, near the Assembly Building shown last week.

Day 63 - Thunderbirds are go...

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Day 62 - Keep your chin up

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When all around you seems to crumble; don't lose your head, keep your chin up and crack on.

Day 61 - Happy St. David's Day!

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Day 60 - &

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Pulled headphones from my pockets and saw this. & that is all.

Day 59 - Something Old/Something New

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Spotted on Praed Street at lunchtime. I got a bit of a history lesson this day. That blue sign on the wall over there reads
"Sir Alexander Fleming 1881-1955. Discovered PENICILLEN in the second story room above this plaque."
A clash of old/new and a bit of a lesson!

Day 58 - Classic

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Wellesley Road in Londonium. I thought this particular box looked very happy, look at his laughing little face :)

Day 57 - I think it just landed?

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Cardiff Bay; Assembly Building. Stunning piece of architecture.

Day 56 - You're a long time dead..

Pin It a gentle reminder to enjoy life to it's maximum!

Day 55 - Whoosh...

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Zipping along the M4. I didn't take the picture Officer. Honest.

Day 54 - Now you don't...

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You'll never be able to walk that concourse again apparently, it's all change at Paddington! (pun intended :) )

Day 53 - Now you see it...

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So - this is Eastbourne Terrace beside Paddington (other side of the railings). This whole road is a-changing...

Day 52 - Workspace

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My new home for work. Right beside Paddington in the City. And it's changing rapidly due to Crossrail works!

Day 51 - And then it dawned on me...

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I'm blessed to live where I do. This is a pic from my window as dawn breaks. It's nice to get a view like this when you get up to tackle the day ahead :)

Day 50 - Top of the World (again)

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Prepare for an onslaught of pics. I've not been able to update the blog over the past two weeks for a few reasons (will be meaningless when looking back at the end of the year in terms of flow but there you have it :))
This shot taken near top of Wyllie Woods which overlooks the Sirhowy Valley near home. This is one of those great rides you can cycle to and from the house on a Sunday morning. Top stuff :)