Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Day 66 - Now matter how you paint it...

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Hot on the heels of Day 65 where we uncovered the secrets of how to deliver IT programmes, we have another 15 hour day in the office. What to feast upon at 11.30 at night after a hard day at the work? Can't really eat much that late can you? Not an awful lot as it happens.
No matter how you paint it.....still a dog's dinner :)
Successful day otherwise!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Day 65 - This is how/where the magic happens...

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Delivery of large scale complex integration IT programmes costing hundreds of millions of pounds is actually quite a simple affair when broken down into simple elements. Here I share the secret toolkit that will help you succeed.
1) Coffee. Lots of it - morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night. Especially night. Who needs sleep nowadays?
2) Chocolate brownie, less than half eaten. This is just so people recognise that no, I haven't had breakfast yet due to 8am meetings, nor lunch due to back to back meetings, and likely won't have dinner until 10pm or after due to late evening meetings and getting home. So this is what I am surviving on (Awww..)
3) Water. Note level is at top of label after first gulp. See earlier post.
4) High level plan. Preferably in crayon and with really big boxes.
5) Plastic bag. For going incognito when you don't want to be recognised :)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Day 64 - Cardiff

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This is the Pierhead Building, near the Assembly Building shown last week.

Day 63 - Thunderbirds are go...

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Day 62 - Keep your chin up

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When all around you seems to crumble; don't lose your head, keep your chin up and crack on.

Day 61 - Happy St. David's Day!

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Day 60 - &

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Pulled headphones from my pockets and saw this. & that is all.

Day 59 - Something Old/Something New

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Spotted on Praed Street at lunchtime. I got a bit of a history lesson this day. That blue sign on the wall over there reads
"Sir Alexander Fleming 1881-1955. Discovered PENICILLEN in the second story room above this plaque."
A clash of old/new and a bit of a lesson!

Day 58 - Classic

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Wellesley Road in Londonium. I thought this particular box looked very happy, look at his laughing little face :)

Day 57 - I think it just landed?

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Cardiff Bay; Assembly Building. Stunning piece of architecture.

Day 56 - You're a long time dead..

Pin It a gentle reminder to enjoy life to it's maximum!

Day 55 - Whoosh...

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Zipping along the M4. I didn't take the picture Officer. Honest.

Day 54 - Now you don't...

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You'll never be able to walk that concourse again apparently, it's all change at Paddington! (pun intended :) )

Day 53 - Now you see it...

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So - this is Eastbourne Terrace beside Paddington (other side of the railings). This whole road is a-changing...

Day 52 - Workspace

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My new home for work. Right beside Paddington in the City. And it's changing rapidly due to Crossrail works!

Day 51 - And then it dawned on me...

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I'm blessed to live where I do. This is a pic from my window as dawn breaks. It's nice to get a view like this when you get up to tackle the day ahead :)

Day 50 - Top of the World (again)

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Prepare for an onslaught of pics. I've not been able to update the blog over the past two weeks for a few reasons (will be meaningless when looking back at the end of the year in terms of flow but there you have it :))
This shot taken near top of Wyllie Woods which overlooks the Sirhowy Valley near home. This is one of those great rides you can cycle to and from the house on a Sunday morning. Top stuff :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Day 49 - Until we meet again

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I've no idea why these two set off in different directions. Still, some sun, water and sea, as well as a little mystery all make for a great set of subjects.

Day 48 - Get your rocks

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I was looking to shoot a desktop wallpaper and this bit was part of one pic. However, upon closer inspection and after cropping to this, you can make out little bits of water springing up in the air here and there. I like the added movement of the rest of the water too.

Day 47 - Knock, Knock

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It does make you wonder, right? :)

Day 46 - Say Cheese

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I found this little fella on the prowl in a Roman Centurion's barracks. Looks like he's had his legs broken for this kind of carry on before!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day 45 - Roses are Red

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I had a challenge today to grab a Valentines related Tube photo. I had literally forgotten all about this until I looked up from Spotify on my phone, on my last Tube journey of the evening, and spotted this fantastic contrast of skulls and roses. Now you could read into this a warning from a skull (and usually crossbones) versus the age old symbol of love and beauty. Put together and contrasted by monochrome versus vivd red, this was a pic I just loved.
Posted with the very kind permission of the owner!
Happy Valentines Day :)

Day 44 - Signage

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Moving through this month and trying to stick to a Tube theme brings home how much you look at signs on the Tube. It seems most minutes in stations or on the trains are spent looking at signage. Obvious place for advertisement - maybe an opportunity to start grabbing some abstract photos? Worth a look I think :)

Day 43 - Tossed aside

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A perfect metaphor for life today. Disposable, useless, move on. Captured in one pic.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Day 42 - Hurry up and wait

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A picture is worth a thousand words :) Four worked.

Day 41 - Shine

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Just about perspective. And light. Apparently.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Day 40 - Nightlife

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A bitterly cold evening in London and the snow started falling again. I'm finding I am quite liking the classic look you get from black and white photography. Even though the wife has been talking about this subject for some time, I didn't think I was that interested. Actually taking some shots and converting them to monochrome helps you understand how important it is to work from a properly exposed shot; something I need to practice on. This well known pathway from Gunnersbury station (I've walked it daily over the course of a year now more or less) was quite good for a pic. The cover in the foreground means snow starts a little way away from the exit, and the wet footprints contrast brilliantly. The leading lines of path, wall and fence lead the eye in to starbursts of light surrounded by snowfall. Simples.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Day 39 - Close

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Tube is subject of the month; so I feel only slightly less guilty taking a pic of a bus stop of the same name as the Tube station is close by. Quintessential London street view, added to by small aperture starbursts and monochrome makeover. Next? :)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Day 38 - Contemplation

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One of those quiet evenings just prior to jumping on the tube home. This had the classic parisian look for me (having lived there for a bit). Little things.

Day 37 - Don't panic

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There's nothing quite as bad as reaching the station and realising all copies of the Metro have gone missing. Seriously, Londoners, have some compassion for a visiting country boy and leave some for us? My day is just not the same without it.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Day 36 - Tracking

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Odd one this - the abstract nature of it just appealed to me. Not everyone's cup of tea but it is what it is!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Day 35 - Still moving

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Never one to let the fact I am in Wales and miles from the Tube (feature of the month) get in the way, my faithful hound Tia puts her best foot forward to assist with today's shot. A Smattering of snow, first of the season, and a reasonably cool night gave me this shot. Easy pickings :)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Day 34 - Mind the Gap

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It really is funny the amount of things you take pictures of and consequently, what you begin to see around you. I'm enjoying this :) Patters, layers, shapes, texture; this pic just had a lot of stuff for me. Add the two seemingly ghostly footprints at the edge and I just had to use this. No Tube at the weekends, what to fill my pictures with? Hmm....

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Day 33 - Judgement

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I think I have finally come to a ruling - this month's collection of snaps should be all things Tube related. This will most likely give me a headache about 3 days in but it will also make me think outside the box (I am hoping). I will certainly have to remain observant and see what I can find.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day 32 - The Journey

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For the first time in this project, the Day numbered in the title doesn't correspond to the date. It kind of feels like a step into the the journey continues into the remainder of the year now counted by number and not date. Affirmation I suppose that we're on the way.
The journey back to the hotel this evening is at least better known and this sign above the steps into Paddington Station on Praed Street caught my attention. Simple, classic, pop icon. It needed little treatment and it's got pride of place as Day 32's image. Next stop....

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day 31 - Something old

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It's amazing how quickly you run out of things to photograph when you are locked in your hotel room working until midnight. This pic interested me for its contrasting elements of pattern and plain. Some desaturation, round out the corners to make it look like an old snap and hey presto - some hotel room abstract!
Let's hope Feb's plan for pics starts giving some direction and topics/techniques!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Day 29 - Dawn

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I realise this pic is not quite in focus. I realise it may not even be that dynamically composed. However, this was the sight that greeted us at dawn this morning as we prepared to head up the local mountain forest on our trusty steeds. Nature at its finest and nicely set against last night's sunset!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 28 - Big Sky

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Having undertaken some impromptu house-hunting today, the wife and I decided to got for a little drive to see if we could capture a snap for today's entry. Cue Llantwit Major and a surprisingly good looking beach complete with cliffs, beautiful bedrock and a cracking view of the setting sun.
There was some quite dark low level cloud killing off the best of the sunset but I had the opportunity to put the new lens to the test and this was one of the results. I think we'll be back for more sunsets here :)

Friday, 27 January 2012

Day 27 - Run

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Simple forms make me happy. Lightroom makes me happy. That is all.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day 26 - New Kid on the Block

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A lens I've been thinking about for a while, this one. I was torn on the right camera body to buy as I knew I liked landscapes and beautiful vistas. Motorsport did win out in the end and 8fps burst was probably enough for what I needed hence the 7D choice.
This little beauty though was going to give me the flexibility I needed to shoot some wide stuff without constantly switching lenses. Marry this new arrival to the 500D kept in reserve and I should be good to go for the TT this year :) I'm looking forward to testing this out on the 7D also and have some shots planned for next month that will take advantage of the wide angle!
I shot this on the 7D with a 17-40mm L, f/11, ISO3200 against a white backdrop, and then found out how to use brush mask in Lightroom 3 to blow out the background completely. Three things learned: 1) ISO sucks for clarity, 2) Need proper lights for shooting detail 3) the Lightroom brush.
Good day at the office.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Day 25 - Tourists

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Today marks 121 days to go to the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy 2012. Last year was a fantastic event and I'm really looking forward to this year with even more friends turning up.
Today's pic is the famous Rothman's colours on the Honda 750 from 1985. Probably my favourite colour scheme of all time. This is probably the only time I have taken the protective case off this little beauty!
If you don't know who Joey Dunlop is, shame on you! Go look him up :)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 24 - Classic

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Nothing says classic like a simple black and white photo. Choose a nice item that has these base colours at its core, and its an easy pic for Day 24. I'm looking forward to February already when some planning of shots ahead of time will challenge and inspire all on their own.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Day 23 - Everyone needs a smile

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I just happened to find this one in a can! Smile :)

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Day 22 - Goodbye cruel world!

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As much as I didn't want this blog to be a diary, I've come to accept a couple of hard truths
1) It will be by its very nature
2) Some pics will just have to be (e.g. like a filler)

Today's pic brings the sad news of the demise of the Samsung WB700. It was a short life, interspersed with moments of brilliance, but ultimately cut short in its prime. Sad, cruel world. Aaaand very poor zoom function that gave up the ghost way too soon. Thank the stars for consumer law, a new one should be winging its way soon. I also couldn't resist the Star Trekkin' reference :)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Day 21 - Tangled web of intricacy..

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What a frustrating day for photography it has been. We've been trying to set up a particular subject for some shots but it just would not work. It IS complicated and intricate but the effects will be stunning once we get it right. 2 hours and no real progress says time to give in and grab dinner and a film instead.
These elastic bands did make me smirk though at the intricate web of circumstances and conflicting camera settings which put paid to getting the shot I wanted. Never mind, this will do.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Day 20 - R'ajazzled

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Here's one I wasn't expecting. I took about 5 shots today that were candidates for the blog. This one won out however purely due to its dancing lights. Against the backdrop of the Millennium Building in Cardiff, a slow shutter speed through some lights hung on trees and this is the outcome. Quick play about in Lightroom to add a vignette to push the eye into the centre of the picture and that's it. Hope you like it :)

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Day 19 - Magnetism

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A simple shot of the nearest thing close to hand this evening. a Trion-Z Titanium bracelet. Complete with positive ion emitting opposing magnets that guarantee world peace and all that malarkey.
The point of the picture was more about testing the new Samsung WB700 that arrived today. Handy little thing and has quite a nice set of features. It should at least mean I am not caught out again when I forget my camera bag!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Day 18 - Money, Money, Money....

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It's amazing where you take inspiration from when you are thinking of a subject for your daily pic. This one wasn't obvious at all. I first got a 50p coin earlier this evening which depicted a man with gun and the 2012 Olympic logo. When I got back to the hotel this evening I went to dig out the Olympic coin and spied I had this coin in my pocket too. The Harp of Ireland and the Lion of England immediately sparked an interest given my Irish heritage and now living and working in the UK.
Phone, Camera Effects for Android, a shot taken in negative, border added, import to Lightroom and faff about with graduated filter, crop, saturation, brightness and contrast and we have this to show for it. I quite liked it.
Issued in 2008, this was one of a set of coins.

1p shows part of the harp of Ireland and a lion's head from England

2p Rampant lion representing Scotland

5p mixture of all parts of the shield

10p Two Lions representing England

20p back end of a lion representing England

50p Harp representing Ireland and two lions representing England

£1 shows the complete Shield of the Royal Arms

Wales is not represented on the shield.

Wales was recognised as a Principality by the creation of the Prince of Wales long before the incorporation of the quarterings for Scotland and Ireland in the Royal Arms. The arms of the Prince of Wales show the arms of the ancient Principality in the centre as well as these quarterings.

The £2 coin remained unchanged.

Picture and an education in one deft post. Done.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day 17 - May the force be with you

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I did forewarn you that I was a geek, right? Another long day at work. Short Winter day mind you so no light for decent pics.
Cue a pic of Deev. Sith Operative in Star Wars: The Old Republic. If I have to explain it, you won't understand :) It's a pic and this meager day is done :)