Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day 26 - New Kid on the Block

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A lens I've been thinking about for a while, this one. I was torn on the right camera body to buy as I knew I liked landscapes and beautiful vistas. Motorsport did win out in the end and 8fps burst was probably enough for what I needed hence the 7D choice.
This little beauty though was going to give me the flexibility I needed to shoot some wide stuff without constantly switching lenses. Marry this new arrival to the 500D kept in reserve and I should be good to go for the TT this year :) I'm looking forward to testing this out on the 7D also and have some shots planned for next month that will take advantage of the wide angle!
I shot this on the 7D with a 17-40mm L, f/11, ISO3200 against a white backdrop, and then found out how to use brush mask in Lightroom 3 to blow out the background completely. Three things learned: 1) ISO sucks for clarity, 2) Need proper lights for shooting detail 3) the Lightroom brush.
Good day at the office.

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