Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 16 - The Haunted Cottage

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On my many and varied travels for work I get to see some great stuff. This cottage caught my eye last week but I didn't get a chance to stop given its precarious location down a narrow country lane and right on a blind bend. I was ready this week though!
Again taken on my phone camera, the clarity and exposure weren't great, neither was the sharpness. However, a quick fiddle in Lightroom and give it an infrared look and hey presto. Spooky cottage from your nightmares! (It's actually quite nice really).


  1. It looks freaky, yo! Are there people living there? Spooky fecks.

  2. There was one poor woman sat in the living room. She was probably wondering why soom complete stranger pulled in over the road and started taking pics out the car window. I think my hazard lights alerted her. Ninja photographer I wasn't!

  3. Haha poor woman probably called the police!