Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 8 - First ride of the year...

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A surprisingly mild January day saw an opportunity to get out on the big beast known affectionately as The Green Meanie. It is, of course, quite tame. A ZZR1400 with a few tasty mods and it's a dream to ride.
I met up with Big Gaz after a bit of a slow start (forgot to leave battery charger on the bike!) so a meeting in Brecon with a run to Llandovery for breakfast and a yap before a run over to Ross On Wye was called for. On our way there we spotted Raglan Castle; perfect for today's subject.
Not one to leave it at that, I thought some more post processing action was called for so I set about attempting to create a watercolour from a pic taken on my phone. For some reason it took pic at 640x480 so forgive the size!
Cue Photoshop CS5, 3 layers, 2 backgrounds and about 25 minutes and this is what we have at the end of it. Quite pleased :)

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