Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 4 - Riddle me this...

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Ok. So this picture isn't going to win any prizes. I did, however, leave a reflection in for added interest. Not the point. What we need to look at (and I realise I have taken away from the focus by leaving a reflection in , lesson learned) is the level of the water in the bottle.
For some reason over the past 12-24 months or so I find I am continually drinking or pouring from a bottle, no matter what size, and the remaining liquid sits bang on the top of the label. It can be a 1.5l as in this case, a 700ml bottle of wine with two glasses poured from it, a 500ml isotonic drink slugged or even a 330ml beer. EVERY time, just about, the level is even with the top of the label. This seriously happens more often than not these days.
WTH is that about?!
Either I have a latent subconscious OCD that I am needing to get diagnosed or there are strange forces afoot in the universe. YOU decide...

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