Thursday, 9 February 2012

Day 40 - Nightlife

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A bitterly cold evening in London and the snow started falling again. I'm finding I am quite liking the classic look you get from black and white photography. Even though the wife has been talking about this subject for some time, I didn't think I was that interested. Actually taking some shots and converting them to monochrome helps you understand how important it is to work from a properly exposed shot; something I need to practice on. This well known pathway from Gunnersbury station (I've walked it daily over the course of a year now more or less) was quite good for a pic. The cover in the foreground means snow starts a little way away from the exit, and the wet footprints contrast brilliantly. The leading lines of path, wall and fence lead the eye in to starbursts of light surrounded by snowfall. Simples.

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